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Copper alloys - Developed by Kurimoto

brobea® lead-free copper alloys for sliding member or rotating parts

Toward a safer and more energy-efficient machine future


KURIKA BRONZE® JIS:CAC904,CAC905 and CAC221(ASTM B30,B505 and B584: C89845,C89838 and C89545)
Lead-free copper alloy for water supply equipment

Continuing to deliver safe and reliable water is our mission



Kurimoto’s Advantages

Consistent solutions for material supply, testing and evaluation, prototyping and commercialization

Kurimoto's promise


We will contribute to achieving a sustainable society (SDGs) by reducing lead from customers'products.


We will provide the same performance as general bronze(ex: C83600) with lead-free copper alloys.


We will support commercialization including manufacturing.


What are the advantages of introducing lead-free copper alloys?
Lead has traditionally been added to copper alloys to improve their castability, machinability, pressure resistance, and sliding properties. However, environmental regulations such as the RoHS Directive have recently restricted the use of lead in industrial products due to concerns about lead's environmental and human health hazards. As a result, lead-free copper alloys have been developed to meet various lead restrictions and to achieve functions equivalent to or superior to those of conventional lead-containing copper alloys.
What kind of copper alloy materials and shapes are available?
We can provide ingots, continuous casting rods, atomized powder, wire rods, etc. We can also supply castings, sintered bi-metallic materials, and their processed parts. Please contact us for more details.
Can you provide a developed product? What is the price?
Please let us know your request/demand in detail.
What kind of technical support can you provide for a manufacturing process?
Since we can produce a product in-house by casting and sintering process, we provide samples and support until the productivity is comparable to that of the materials used before. For example, we can borrow your wooden pattern of a product, create a 3D drawing, analyze it with our casting simulation software, and propose the best solution. Please feel free to contact us.
What kind of technical support can you provide for physical properties evaluation?
In addition to basic mechanical properties, hardness, and impact resistance, we can perform in-house evaluations of the corrosion resistance required for water supply and wear resistance for sliding components. For example, we have erosion-corrosion testing equipment that can replicate the flow velocity environment and friction and wear testing equipment capable of evaluating those resistances under various conditions.
Can I consult with you about anything other than lead-free related issues?
If you have any concerns related to copper alloys in general, such as sliding parts, valve parts, or machine parts, we can propose materials or parts that suit your operating environment, including JIS Standard, ASTM copper alloys as well as lead-free materials.