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The video for “Presentation of Tactile Sensation” is uploaded on the YouTube channel

2022.08.19 News

A new video has been posted on the official SoftMRF® channel!
This time, we will show you how to express the feeling of touch with SoftMRF® devices. By importing the
data measured by a feel of touch collection device into a smartphone, the SoftMRF device allows you to
experience the feel of an object without touching the actual object.
Is the SoftMRF® device different from existing haptics? This is new haptic technology.
This video is a sequel to the previous video for "Collecting Tactile Sensation". Please watch that video

Source:Do you want to touch things on the screen? Experiencing the sense of touch reproduced by the
SoftMRF® device! (SoftMRF YouTube Channel - Presentation of Tactile Sensation)

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