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Future Creating by SoftMRF®

* The robot arm used in this image and video is based on open-source data from HACKberry®.
* HACKberry® is a registered trademark of exiii Corporation.

SoftMRF®and Our High Design Engineering Skills

Our Values

Technology Development Division More Detail

Approach to Varieties of Fields

An unprecedented operation makes an immersive experience beyond imagination.

Touching things that are not real!
Would you want to touch that is not existing?!
A virtual future beyond the real.

With the advancement of IT, home appliances and tactile sensations can be customized freely to suit your needs.

A future that robots and people can coexist by presenting a tactile sensation.

New possibilities for medical treatment and therapy by adding a tactile sensation.

Create your preferred tactile sensation in life according to your lifestyle.

Expected Technologies from SoftMRF®
Challenge for unseen opportunities

Here we introduce the voices of expectation of SoftMRF®! You might have seen the product before somewhere. The number of collaboration products is increasing. If you are interested, Please don't hesitate to contact us.